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    Forum Help

    Post by Ecchi Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:30 pm

    1. If the same person sends you 2 different messages with different topics, all replies to either message will appear in "Topic Review" under your message, since messages from the same person can not be separated, when replying to a specific message or question, use the "Quote" feature in your messages so both you and the recipient know which message you're replying to.

    2. If you wish to change the colour of your text in a post, click the "Color" button, click the colour that you wish to use, and then place your text that you wish to be coloured in between the brackets, for example [colour] Your Text Here! [colour].

    2. A) If you wish to colour text that you have already posted, without having to copy and paste the text in between the colour code, highlight the text you wish to colour, then click the "Color" button, then choose your colour, this will place the colour code at the start and the end of the highlighted text for you. (Copy your text first, just in case, accidents can happen when you highlight text, for example, hitting a key unintentionally.)

    If you need help, consult this forum, as problems arise, and solutions are found, this forum will be updated. If you have a question, or need help, you may post it here.

    If this forum has been updated in the past 3 days, the title will say "*New*" and the date that is was updated, if you have not read the post in the past 3 days and it says "*New*", it would be a good idea to check it out.

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