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    Forum Rules (July 26th, 2016) *New*

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    Forum Rules (July 26th, 2016) *New*

    Post by Ecchi Admin on Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:58 pm

    The rules listed from 1-2 are rules, but they are also a guide as how to upload correctly, read these rules carefully, especially "1." through "1. B)"!

    1. You must use "Insert Image" when posting images, do not use any other way to post images. When you click "Insert Image", leave the specs blank if you wish for the site to auto re-size it. (Do not worry, when it's posted, if you click view full image, it will bring you to the image's original size.)

    1. A) If you wish to re-size a large image, (above 800x width, and/or x800 height), it must be re-sized by dividing the image into half of the current pixels, this is done by dividing the image's current number of pixels, by 2, if the image is still larger than (800x800), you must keep dividing both width and height by two, until both are (800), or under. [Read 1. B)]

    1. B) DO NOT RE-SIZE A IMAGE TO BE ABOVE (800x800), if you wish to upload a image that's larger than (800x800), leave the re-size field blank! The site will auto re-size the image for you, and you can click to enlarge it whenever you want, for example, if you want to upload a 5000x3500 image, leave the resize field blank! Re-sizing an image to be above (800x800) can result in being banned!

    1. C) Re-sizing is done while you're posting the image, it is done when you click "Insert Image", not by another program or website.

    1. D) To find the number of pixels in the image, right click the image, click "View Image in New Tab", the same way that you probably used get the direct link. Where it displays the name of the page on the tab, should display the pixel numbers. (First number is width, after the "x", is height.)


    2. As displayed in the picture above, you MUST use "Insert Image", DO NOT use "Host Image". When you click on an image that has been "Hosted", it will bring you to a page that has the version of the image you uploaded that is re-sized, it will not bring you directly to the original image, it will only let you see what it looked like after it was re-sized.

    2. A) You must use "Insert Image" because, "Insert Image" allows you to view the original image, and from the same source that it was linked from, "Insert Image" does not alter the image in any way, it only changes how it displays on the forum.

    The Rules listed below are Permissions and Rules, read them carefully!

    3. When submitting images using "Insert Image", they must be direct links, (, otherwise it will not display when you post it.

    3. A) When submitting an album, you can post the link to the album, directly from the URL bar, but you must say in the title of the post, and above the link, "Album", so that the users know they're being directed to an album.

    3. B) If someone starts a thread that starts off with an album, posting a single image as a reply is allowed, but if what you're linking is an album, even as a reply, it must also have "Album" stated, above the link.

    3. C) Reaction GIFs and Images are allowed as replies to any thread, whether it be anime, or real people.

    3. D) YouTube links are allowed to be posted into any thread, as long as it's relevant to the topic at hand, or relevant the person that you're replying to.

    4. ( is the only site that we use to host images, you must have an account on Imgur if you wish to post images that you've uploaded there, otherwise your post will not be accepted, and it will be removed for breaking the rules.

    4. A) The only way you can post images, if you don't have an Imgur account, is to find pictures on Imgur that someone else uploaded, this is the only other way, because otherwise we will not accept your uploads, and they will be removed. Again, all uploads must come from (, otherwise they will be removed because other sites may contain malware.

    5. Uploads that are posted into sections that they do not belong, will be removed. For example, Anime being posted into Cosplay, Cosplay being posted into Anime. Repeated offenders will be banned.

    6. Only post Anime threads in the "Anime" topic, and Cosplay threads in the "Cosplay" topic.

    7. Swearing is allowed to a certain extent; Do not title things with purely vulgar language, and do not excessively swear in a comment or posts' description.

    8. Disliking a post is fine, if you do not like something, you're free to express your opinion, just do not put people down, and be as respectful as you possibly can.

    Mandatory rules are 1 through 6, read these rules thoroughly so that you remember them.

    (Rule #7 and Rule #8 are guidelines and are not necessarily a rule, users caught breaking these guidelines will be warned, and will only be banned if they constantly fail to heed the warning given to them by moderators.)

    Rules are subject to being edited, the global announcement will be updated with a new date on it every time the rules are updated, "*New*" means that the rules have been updated in the past 3 days, so if you see "*New*", and you haven't checked the rules in the last 3 days, it would be a good idea to check them out.

    Message me if you do not understand these rules fully.

    If you feel these rules are unreasonable, or that they need to be edited, do not hesitate to send me a message!

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