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    Imgur Uploads Only!

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    Imgur Uploads Only!

    Post by Ecchi Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:02 pm

    ( is the only site that we use to host images, you must have an account on Imgur if you wish to post images that you've uploaded there, otherwise your post will not be accepted, and it will be removed for breaking the rules.

    If do not have an Imgur account, but you wish to upload photos here, you must still use Imgur, you can take the direct links of photos that others have uploaded, and post them here using "Insert Image".

    Only use "Insert Image", DO NOT use "Host Image", anyone using "Host Image" is breaking the rules, this is because hosting does not direct you to the original source, it brings you to a version of the picture that is re-sized on the site that "Hosts" it, "Insert Image" only reduces the size for viewing on the forum, but does not change the link that the image comes from, "Host Image" does, which is why it is not allowed.

    Threads that are started with a link to an album, must say "Album" in their title, posting a single image in a thread that someone else, or you, has started is allowed, but if what you're linking is an album, even as a reply, it must also have "Album" stated, above the link.

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