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    TeamEcchi Tagging *Important*

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    TeamEcchi Tagging *Important*

    Post by Ecchi Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:57 pm

    The chat box is the main source we will use to direct TeamEcchi to images for upvoting, click "Archives" on the top right of the chat box to view posts that are older, or that were made while you were offline.

    If you wish for TeamEcchi to find your post, submit the link in the chat box, and into a topic on the Forums.

    When using "Insert" to upload an image here that's from Imgur, if the image is in the gallery, and you desire upvotes, provide a link above or below your image that directs people to where the image is from on Imgur.

    If you wish to just direct people to your album/photo on Imgur without providing an image, post in the "TeamEcchi Tagging" section of the forum, if you wish to post an image with a link, or just an image, post in the "Ecchi" section of the forum.

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